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Top Ten things to say to FREAK OUT a breastfeeding mother

Breastfeeding in public is a calm, relaxing experience, so add a bit of drama with the following lines…

  1. Wow, are you up to size double JJ? You qualifiy you for disability parking at Sainsbury’s
  2. It’s good to hear the depleted uranium problem in this park has cleared up
  3. Oh, is that a 3rd nipple or a bit of Weetabix?
  4. I think you’re so brave
  5. Did you hear the World Health Organisation guidelines are now to feed on demand till they are 9?
  6. Could I just borrow a bit for my cappuccino?
  7. Would you mind feeding my baby while I pop to the loo?
  8. I’ve just uploaded that to You tube, I hope you don’t mind
  9. Will you join us in an anti- prejudice breastfeeding flashmob at the Wetherspoons pub by the bus station later?
  10. Hi, I’m a Yeo Valley Milk talent scout…

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