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Top Ten Show and Tell items for the masses

Wow! Mrs Smythe’s suggestions for Show and Tell items have really put the cat amongst the pigeons.  We’ve had an email from Mrs Smith in Bristol calling it “elitist claptrap”.   So in an attempt to promote the balanced, supportive debate we hold so dear at HH HQ, we’re publishing Mrs Smith’s alternative list here …

  1. A collection of pubic hair
  2. Mummy’s police mugshot
  3. The biggest poo you did all weekend
  4. Roadkill
  5. A bed bug
  6. Red Rum
  7. Rolex watches for sale at £10.99 no questions asked
  8. Methadone
  9. A pitbull mastiff crossbreed
  10. An illegal immigrant*

*The Helpful Humour editor would like to point out that #10 would need a CRB check before entering school premises


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