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Top Ten Show and Tell from Tarquin

Oh Lord it’s Friday again. What to take into school for show and tell? Here’s some inspiration from Tarquin Smythe in Year 2 of St Timothy and St Agnes pre-prep. Thanks for sending it in Mrs Smythe

  1. Great Grandpa’s fascist memorabilia
  2. A servant
  3. A bong
  4. A mature bottle of scotch and enough cut-glass tumblers for everyone in the class
  5. A hunting knife
  6. The stag that daddy shot at the weekend
  7. A work by Picasso that strictly speaking should be on show to the public for tax reasons
  8. The Queen – she was popping in for tea anyway
  9. Tartan underpants
  10. A unicorn – they do exist, you just need to have a double-barelled name to legally own one

Editor’s note: since publishing this post there’s been a giddy whirl of controversy…check out an alternative list that some readers are saying is less elitist – ouch!


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