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Top Ten Potty-Training Lows

  • Having to sit on the potty yourself to prove that it IS SO FUN!
  • Realising there’s no point buying a new carpet/curtains/sofa for another five years
  • Trying to dye your existing carpet/curtains/sofa a sensible shade of brown
  • Trying to pass off your newly dyed carpet/curtains/sofa as Laura Ashley’s “mirage of maroon” range.
  • Realising the consequences of the gaps in your floorboards
  • Your child having a back bottom incident in Sainsbury’s. Having to tuck your child’s trousers into their socks so you can get out of Sainsbury’s and into a public loo without them ruining their shoes
  • Having the above scenario with a daughter in a skirt
  • Realising it’s not chocolate mousse in the mixing bowl in the cupboard
  • Wondering if you are a bad parent for gagging at the sight and smell of a full potty from your beloved offspring
  • Worrying about your childcare – Using a new parents irrefutable logic, thinking that if you’re gagging, what hope does the nursery/nanny/childminder have?… Are these people desperate or twisted or both? Oh my God, there’s only one possible answer – they are so addicted to cocaine that they can no longer smell!!!

Post a comment…I’m sure you can top these….what are you potty-training lows?


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