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Competitive Parenting

Feeling ground down by competitive parenting? Man up! Join the battle with this excellent new product from Slack Parenting Ltd…

School Project comedy video

Teacher: “We thought it would be nice if…” Are words that strike terror into the hearts of every disengaged parent.

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That’s not my Toddler!

Another heart-warming touch and feel book from the money-for-old-rope series we’re all jealous we hadn’t thought of developing ourselves.

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Toddler Music Class Spoof

For anyone who took their child to a ‘fun’ music class and came away with mental health problems…

CBeebies Bedtime Song spoof

What we think the lyrics should REALLY be… The time has come to say goodnight….it’s the end of a dreadful day…

New Parents’ First Night Out

You’ve spent a week expressing enough milk to supply a ice cream factory, you’ve stocked up on enough Calpol to sedate a crack addict and you’ve blown all your maternity pay on a babysitter.

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New Parents Driving Test

What they should REALLY include in the driving test for new parents.

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Cooking for kids spoof

Annabel Karmel eat your heart out. How to prepare the ideal meal for your little darlings…

That’s not my mummy!

Another stunner in the hugely popular ‘That’s not my…’ touch and feel books. Regular readers will know this series has a special place in the hearts of everyone at Helpful Humour HQ.

Christmas Eve….the truth

What really happens on Christmas Eve?…