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We have TWO BOOKS for your amusement and edification…

1) Turnip-Led Weaning: outrageous advice from a spoof nanny

The writing is sparky, very funny…amusing throughout‘ – Jeremy Strong (bestselling author of the ‘My Brother’s Famous Bottom’ series

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Turnip Led weaning front cover final

Turnip-Led Weaning is Supernanny on acid: a handbag-sized, laugh-out-loud parody of mainstream parenting advice. Angelica Fustain is a spoof nanny who covers all the crucial topics of preschooler care – from crying to sleeping and clothing to discipline –but all from a deliciously outrageous viewpoint.

2) Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Olympic-winning strategies for everyday success

A gripping true story and coaching compendium rolled into one. Each chapter recounts a nail-biting episode in Ben Hunt Davis’ journey to Olympic Gold and explains, in simple, practical terms, how you can use the same strategies to achieve more success in your everyday life.

A fascinating and inspiring book‘ – Sebastian Coe KBE

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will it make the boat go faster front cover